Looking for Canadian projects

Our investor members are looking for Canadian projects in the below areas/industries, please get in touch with us if you think your company is a good fit. Please sent email to : Customer 1: Chinese business lawyer Investment amount: 400,000 CAD Project requirements: Canadian companies that need to explore the Chinese market, with independent research and development capabilities and developed techonology or product Customer 2: An excutive working with an international electric giant in China Investment amount: 200,000 -300,000 CAD Project requirements: Tourism industry is preferred; other industries may also be considerable. The client would also consider coinvesting w

Bizfield Monthly Online Pitch Event: Your Gateway to China

* Co-organized by GACA and BIZFIELD ANGEL NETWORK Bizfield’s monthly online pitch event helps North American startups connect with Chinese accredited investors while Chinese participants including angel investors, high net worth individuals and other investment professionals look for innovative ideas and comment on pitches at the event. The mission is to boost start-up ecosystem and enhance international collaboration. Time & Venue: Monthly event, 2-3 hours Online By invitation only Highlights: 8+ hand-picked overseas projects every month, 100+ investment opportunities every year 5 minutes each project Live conferencing with overseas entrepreneurs Comments by experienced Chinese angel invest

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