Key to Successful Foreign Investment Returns: choosing only the best projects



BizField utilizes the strong foundation built local to Canadian capital market, providing online and offline project bridging services for Chinese Angel investors.

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Competitive Project Bridging

Chinese angel investors can now save travel, time and money and sit in their local offices to connect with Canadian and American start-up teams.


Online Pitches



10 sessions annually, free entry for all network members; each to include 10 start-up projects,

5-minute pitching and 5-minute Q&A.



Customized sessions based off clients’ choice of companies to hear from; each to include 10 start-up projects, 10-minute pitching and 10-minute Q&A.

Online Pitches



Clients to select desired projects and teams to hear from; to explore in depth the business model, technology, financing and operations for 2 hours.

Chinese angel investors can meet with project teams in person should they have a strong interest in specific projects. BizField can organize investors to meet with the project team both in Canada and China.


Offline Pitches

Private Meetings

Private Meetings to tailor invitees, agenda, location and other client requirements

China-Canada Forum

China-Canada Forum to facilitate project bridging, fireside talks, detail visits

China-US Forum

China-US Forum to facilitate project bridging, fireside talks, detail visits

Canada Business Trip

Bring Chinese angel investors to Canada, visiting Canadian start-ups and investment industry, to invest Canada

China Business Trip

Signature Event by C2Can to bring elite projects in Canada into China, multiple cities to converse with Chinese investors 

Canadian Project Advantages

Lower R&D costs compared to the US and Europe

Government support to provide tax incentives

Elite talent and resources

More reasonable valuations

Only 30 million in population to develop more Unicorns:

Why invest in Canadian projects?

Canada becoming start-up cluster in North America

“Growth Focus”——from 0 to 1

“Better Pricing”——

1/3 valuation than the US

“Strong Team”—— responsible,

hardworkingand lower profile

How We Guarantee Quality?

Project Sourcing

Quality Control via Constant Monitoring

  • Canadian investment firms, associations, incubators to provide sources

  • BizField’s Board to assess eligible projects

  • We emphasize on quality over quantity

Projects holding below 1000 participants, guaranteeing constant monitoring

  • Disqualifying underperforming participants

We actively screen out participating projects based on their business models, start-up teams, market performance, technology development and more to ensure quality

Business Process


Canadian projects to apply


Chinese Investors to pick out interested projects


Assessed by BizField’s Board to select into Pool


Chinese angel investors, project team and BizField to sign

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Selected team’s information distributed to Chinese Angel Investors

Online/offline pitches

BizField to organize online/offline pitches requested by Chinese Investors

Investment Education

Bring the advanced North-American investment training programs to Chinese angel investors and Entrepreneurs.

Partner: NACO

As the only national industry association for Angel investors in Canada, NACO represents over 40 networks comprised of over 3000 Angel investors across Canada.

Developed in collaboration with industry leaders, NACO Academy provides workshops, guides, and other educational resources to Angel investors across Canada.

Available Academy Modules:

101: Angel Investing Overview
103: Adding Value Through Due Diligence
104: The Art of Valuation
105: Structuring Deals and Term Sheets
106: Powerful Mentoring
108: Exit Strategies
110: Leading Investment Rounds
208: Exit Execution
209: Board Governance
210: Digital Tools for Angel Investing
211: Product Metrics for Digital Companies
302: Supporting Angels
303: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Angels
304: Best Practices for Angel-backed Companies

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