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Rich experience in corporate management/investment and financing consulting in China and Canada, build up a practical plan One-stop listing service, providing comprehensive listing planning for Chinese companies, saving time money and effort.

Deep understanding of cultures and laws in both Canada and China. seamlessly bridge Chinese and Canadian legal and cultural differences Extensive experience in IPO cases, increasing the success rate of listing and financing

The BIZFIELD IPO team has a tacit understanding, closeness and high-level cooperation. The overall speed of IPO services is fast and efficient. 
Provides continuous consulting and helps clients easily immigrate to Canada.

Why list on TSX Venture Exchange? 

  • Access to capital for earlier-stage companies and smaller financings (typical financing range: $500,000 to $20 million) 

  • Multiple financing rounds can allow for successive capital raises at less dilutive rates 

  • Tailored listing and corporate governance requirements for small-cap companies 

  • Access to an active private placement market 

  • Streamlined graduation to TSX 

  • Mentorship program for newly public companies 

  • Cost-effective market for international companies looking to access North American institutional capital 

  • Viable exit strategy to monetize shareholder value

Why list on Toronto Stock Exchange? 

  • Respected, leading global stock exchange with 160  year history

  • Access to international institutional investors 

  • Opportunities for greater analyst coverage 

  • Globally visible indices utilized by investors 

  • Pragmatic and efficient regulatory regime 

  • Corporate governance system 

  • Globally recognized

  • the best gateway to transfer to NYSE or Nasdaq or HKEX


TSX and TSXV are world-class markets that provide access to financing for companies at various stages of growth.



Rajeev Dewan


David Toyoda

  • Calibre Mining Corp.

  • Catalyst Corp.

  • Transeuro Energy Corp.

  • Catalyst Corp.

  • Zecotek Photonics Inc

  • Lite Access Technologies Inc.

  • Strike Diamond Corp.

  • Strike Graphite Corp.

  • Paloma Resources Inc.

  • Gogiro Internet Group, Inc.

  • Aurora Solar Technologies Inc.

  • Aim Explorations Ltd.

  • CIC Capital Fund Limited

  • Argentum Silver Corp.

  • Sunvest Minerals Corp.

  • Pulse Capital Corp.

  • Datinvest International Ltd.

  • CIC Mining Resources Ltd.

  • Treasury Metals Inc. 

  • Dealnet Capital Corp. 

  • GreenSky Capital Inc.

  • VIQ Solutions Inc. 

  • Difference Capital Financial Inc. 

  • Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. 

  • Redline Communications Inc. 

  • Maxim Resources Inc. 

  • Cancana Resources Corp.

  • Sentry Metrics Inc.

  • Upsnap Inc.

  • 4Front Capital Partners Ltd.

  • Ridgeline Energy Services Inc.

  • Mint Technology Corporation 

  • Black Marlin Energy Limited

  • Bharti Airtel



Discover the steps to listing on TSX and TSXV and access everything from the basic information to the more technical.

  • Ways to List

There are multiple pathways to listing on TSX and TSXV. Consider the following routes available to companies:

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