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Global Angel Capital Association to Launch Out with Chinese Investors

On June 8, 2017, the Global Angel Capital Association and BizField Angel Network hosted the North American venture forum at the Chinese Investor Association in Beijing, sponsored by the Chinese Investor Association and Chunguangli VC Club. The Director of the Global Angel Capital Association and the BizField Angel Network (Canada), Shang Feng, spoke of the many advantages to become angel investors in the North America, with many local investors and Donghui Business Accelerator being present at the forum.

This forum posed the significance for Chinese investors in that it further demonstrated the active Chinese investor community in making foreign investments in 2016, amounting $221 billion USD (PwC China, 2017).

When asked about why to hold such forum, Feng replied, “the phenomenon of Chinese foreign investment especially favors start-ups in the USA and Canada. However, the language and geographical barriers have prevented the investors from receiving first-hand information on high-growth-potential companies. This is why the Global Angel Capital Association, Chinese Investor Association, and Chunguangli VC Club had organized this event to allow the promotion and exposure to these opportunities.”

The most popular companies include those start-ups built by previous team members from Google, Facebook, Twitter and many scholars. Furthermore, opportunities presented to the investors have been pre-screen by Gust investment analysts in the US and BizField Angel Network in Canada.

BizField is a registered business in Vancouver, Canada that advocates for North American opportunities for Chinese investors. It is a member of the Angel Capital Association (US), National Angel Capital Organization (Canada) and the world’s largest early investment organization, Gust. The Global Angel Capital Association is a registered NGO in Seattle, USA. The Association aims to build a global platform, with a systemic approach to assist angel investors from China to make investments around the globe.

Chunguangli’s partner Liu Lei commented that this forum exposed Chinese investors to foreign investment opportunities and educated them at the same time of the risk and rewards associated with investing in unicorn start-ups. He looked forward to the day when an American unicorn company will result with Chinese investors’ assistance.

Elite investor and partner at a VC firm, Zhou Luo-Hong pointed out that there is a vast difference between angel investors and venture capitalists, in that angels enjoy more of group actions to reduce risks. This Forum had also allowed for participants to network and connect with other angel investors.

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