Up Canada Program 加拿大枫叶计划

August 21, 2019

Maple Leaf Program - Up Canada Program

Start your business in Canada!

Program Description:

The Maple Leaf Program(Up Canada Program)is a three-month incubation program in Canada. Designed to help potential Chinese entrepreneurs/startups, connect with Canadian angels, explore the Canadian and North American markets, and provide Chinese entrepreneurs with the opportunity to quickly immigrate to Canada at an affordable cost.



加拿大枫叶计划,即 Up Canada Program,旨在帮助有潜力的中国创业者/创业公司,在加拿大接受 3 个月孵化,对接加拿大天使投资的同时,开拓加拿大及北美市场,并为中国创业者提供低成本快速移民加拿大的机会。

Target Clients:

Chinese entrepreneurs and startups with financing, entrepreneurship, and immigration demands.




Focused Sectors:

  1. Cleantech

  2. Artificial Intelligent

  3. Healthcare

  4. Education

  5. Information Technology

  6. Sustainable Development



  1. 清洁技术

  2. 人工智能

  3. 大健康

  4. 教育

  5. IT技术

  6. 可持续发展

Requirements for the target clients:

  1. Demonstrate measurable customer types and customer needs

  2. Articulate how you will bring attractive value to the market

  3. Describe your value proposition and how your company will make the world a better place

  4. Prove the market potential of the company

  5. Have sufficient funds to support the program

  6. Submit the PowerPoint version business plan and complete the application form



  1. 证明可衡量的客户类型与客户需求

  2. 清楚地阐明你将如何为市场带来极具吸引力的价值

  3. 清楚地描述您的蓝图,价值观以及您如何利用你的企业使世界变得更美好

  4. 作为一个以营利为目的的实体,要有高潜力的市场机会

  5. 并拥有支持这项工作的金融资本

  6. 请同时附上PPT版Business Plan 和填写本项目申请表

Expected Number for Qualified Applicants:


8 - 12 companies



仅限于 8-12 家公司

Service Description:

  1. Provide 3 months of face-to-face counselling service, including 2 hours of targeted counselling per week ( business model reshaping, business plan building, marketing strategy, financing strategy, and talent strategy, etc.)

  2. Assist in registering Canadian companies, opening Canadian corporate bank accounts, etc.

  3. Provide office space during the program

  4. Provide guidance for business pitching, arrange actual roadshow opportunities for potential investment

  5. Connect investors with participating companies for potential investment opportunities

  6. Connect business mentors, investors and other partners (including law firms, accounting firms, public relations firms, HR companies, etc.)

  7. Provide professional entrepreneurship training on North American market analysis, investment and financing, IPO strategy, business networking, marketing, legal and finance, etc.

  8. Arrange to participate in related business events organized by the organizers and partners

  9. Peer support from existing startups in the Canadian incubator network

  10. Graduation ceremony at the end of the program

  11. Get one-year entrepreneurial membership provided by the organizers

Note: Up Canada program does not promise any form of financing.



  1. 3个月的面对面辅导计划,每周 2 小时的针对性辅导(包括商业模式重塑、商业计划书打造、市场战略、融资战略、人才战略等等)

  2. 协助注册加拿大公司、开办加拿大公司银行账户等

  3. 提供该计划期间的办公空间(每队仅限 1人,最多5人)

  4. 提供路演演练指导,并安排实际路演机会,并有可能获得融资机会

  5. 将介绍投资者给企业,并有可能获得融资机会

  6. 访问主办方的导师和投资者和其他合作伙伴(律师事务所,会计师事务所,公关公司,招聘公司等)

  7. 获得有关市场营销、人力资源、法律财务、融资等多方面的培训

  8. 邀请参加主办方的相关活动

  9. 得到入驻企业家的帮助,进入加拿大企业家互助网络

  10. 计划结束后将有毕业庆祝活动

  11. 可以获得主办方创业者会员的一年权益


Program Fees:


  1. 6,800 CAD for 3 months program per participating company (plus 5% GST)

  2. From the second person, the fee would be $2,000 CAD (plus 5% GST) per person (maximum 5 participants)

  3. The organizer will hold 5% equity of the newly registered Canadian company

  4. The fee does not include meals, accommodation and transportation. The organizer can assist with renting a place.



  1. 3个月期限每家入孵企业共6800加币,加5%的GST

  2. 计划费用为1人,额外增加的人员为2000加币加GST/每人,每团队最多不超过5人

  3. 主办方将持有公司5%的股份

  4. 费用不包括衣食住行,主办方可协助办理租房事宜

Add-on Services:

Financial Advisory services, 5-10% FA fee of the gross investment received by the company.

Business consulting services (business plan creation, marketing strategy, etc.). This service is subject to an additional charge;

Immigration planning service. This service is subject to an additional charge;



1. 融资顾问FA服务,融资成功后收取5-10%比例不等的咨询费用,不成功不收费;

2. 商业咨询服务(商业计划书打造、市场战略等等),需另收费;

3. 移民规划服务,需另收费。

Benefits from Up Canada Program:

  1. Overseas entrepreneurship opportunities: Setting up a Canadian Company

  2. North American market penetration opportunities

  3. Potential investment opportunities

  4. Business model improvement opportunities

  5. Low cost, fast immigration opportunities

  6. Access to various government preferential policies as an outstanding overseas company

  7. Access to investors and entrepreneurs networks



  1. 海外创业机会:创立加拿大公司

  2. 进入北美市场的机会

  3. 融资机会

  4. 商业模式提升机会

  5. 低成本、快速移民机会

  6. 作为海外优秀创业企业得到各类政府招商引资的机会

  7. 建立北美投资人资源及北美创业者资源

Schedule for the next program:

  1. Program Start Date: July, 2019

  2. Application Deadline: May, 30th, 2019

  3. Locations:  Vancouver & Burnaby BC Canada




申请截止日期: 2019年12月31日

孵化地点: 加拿大温哥华市、本拿比市。

Application process:


Submit the business plan and the application form — — Get approval from expert evaluation —— Enter the Canadian incubator after paying the fee —— End of incubation



提交申请BP及申请表 —— 专家团审核通过——缴费后赴加拿大入驻孵化器——孵化结束

Canadian Organizer Introduction



 Bizfield Angel Network is a certified member of the National Angels Federation of Canada (NACO) and Angel Capital Association (ACA) . We are committed to connect China and North America's entrepreneurial acceleration service platform, to build a China-North America angel investment collaborative network, and to help Chinese entrepreneurs and investors complete the whole process of North American business incubation, investment, and IPO.


加拿大彼兹菲尔德(Bizifled Angel Network)是加拿大国家天使联会(NACO)以及美国天使投资协会(ACA)的认证机构会员。我们致力于打通中国-北美两大区域创业加速服务平台,打造中国-北美天使投资合作网络,助力中国企业家、投资人完成北美创业孵化、投融资、上市的全过程。


 C2CAN is a collaborative platform between SFU VentureLabs, China Canada Cleantech Innovation Centre (CCCIC), Tsinghua Holdings and Hanhai Holdings. C2CAN connects technology companies with the resources and capital necessary to scale and succeed in China and Canada. Working to support the acceleration and commercialization of innovative and disruptive technologies, C2CAN focuses on technologies that truly make our world a better place. Sectors include: Advanced Manufacturing, A.I., biotechnology, Cleantech, I.T., IoT, medical technology and robotics.


中加商业加速网络(C2CAN)是SFU Venturelabs, 中加清洁技术创新中心(CCCIC),清华控股和瀚海控股共同创立的合作平台。C2CAN帮助中加两国的科技企业精准对接其发展和成功所需的资源和资金。我们专注于真正能够让世界变得更美好的尖端科技,致力于支持创新和颠覆性技术的加速成长和商业化。




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Up Canada Program 加拿大枫叶计划

August 21, 2019

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