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Bizfield Monthly Online Pitch Event: Your Gateway to China


Bizfield’s monthly online pitch event helps North American startups connect with Chinese accredited investors while Chinese participants including angel investors, high net worth individuals and other investment professionals look for innovative ideas and comment on pitches at the event.

The mission is to boost start-up ecosystem and enhance international collaboration.

Time & Venue:

  1. Monthly event, 2-3 hours

  2. Online

  3. By invitation only


  1. 8+ hand-picked overseas projects every month,

  2. 100+ investment opportunities every year

  3. 5 minutes each project

  4. Live conferencing with overseas entrepreneurs

  5. Comments by experienced Chinese angel investors


  1. Angel investors and high-net-worth individuals who's interested in investing

  2. Business owners and entrepreneurs

  3. Investment and finance professionals (lawyers, accountants, consultants, brokers, etc.)


We are now accepting applications:

Apply Now


Priority Industries:

  1. Robotics

  2. Automated driving

  3. Clean technology

  4. Artificial intelligence

  5. Health industry

  6. Education

  7. IT

  8. Sustainable development

  9. And more..

You should have..

  1. Proven, measurable market segmentation and customer needs

  2. Clear strategy to bring attractive value to the market

  3. Clear vision, values and ideas about how your business will make the world a better place

  4. High-potential market as a for-profit entity

  5. Enough capital to support your growth

  6. Also your BP and filled application form

Pitch format: Each of you gives a 90-second pitch about your company online followed by a Q&A session. You will talk about: - your name, title and company - what your company does - what you are looking for (ex: team, investment, referrals, leads, etc.).

Application process

  1. Submit application form and business plan

  2. Shortlist by BizField’s board of experts

  3. A Bizfield staff will contact you and arrange signing a financial advisory agreement

  4. Submit your presentation and prepare for the monthly pitch event

  5. Log into our online meeting system and present your pitch

  6. Arrange further online or offline meetings as requested by the investors

You are a perfect candidate if you are a ...

Startup Founder who is looking for angel investment, pre-A investment and A round investment

Entrepreneur & Business Owner who plans to enter or grow in the Chinese market

And you are looking to...

  1. Pitch investor and strategic partner for your new venture

  2. Reach out for customers and / or suppliers in China for your products or services

  3. Connect with Chinese investor community

  4. Learn more about funding opportunities in China

Then this event is right for you!

Why join Bizfield pitch events..

  1. Our event provides you with the chance to pitch your ideas and products

  2. There will be active Chinese investors scouting next unicorns and giving you feedback on your ideas

  3. Investors and experts may come from different backgrounds and be interested in different industries

  4. Bizfield offers funding opportunity and financial advisory services to make your journey easier

About Bizfield

Bizfield Angel Network is a consulting firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with the focus on helping Chinese entrepreneurs and investors build their businesses or invest in Canada and US. Bizfield strives to increase the success rate of overseas entrepreneurship and investment, and expand businesses by facilitating overseas IPO and M & A. Bizfield is a group member of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO), the American Angel Capital Alliance (ACA), and GUST.


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