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Looking for Canadian projects

Our investor members are looking for Canadian projects in the below areas/industries, please get in touch with us if you think your company is a good fit.

Please sent email to :

Customer 1: Chinese business lawyer

Investment amount: 400,000 CAD

Project requirements: Canadian companies that need to explore the Chinese market, with independent research and development capabilities and developed techonology or product

Customer 2: An excutive working with an international electric giant in China

Investment amount: 200,000 -300,000 CAD

Project requirements: Tourism industry is preferred; other industries may also be considerable. The client would also consider coinvesting with a friend and increase the investment to 500,000 CAD.

Customer 3: CEO of a Chinese private company , Market Director of a famous electrical appliance company in China

Investment amount: 200,000 CAD

Project requirements: Film and television distribution or other film and television related projects.

Customer 4: CEO of a Chinese agricultural enterprise

Investment amount: 500,000 CAD

Project requirements: Agribusiness, farm or plantation business

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