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Oversea investors favor this project! How much do you know about it?

By 2025, China’s online education market size will be over 104 billion US Dollars.

——UBS Securities

According to the research data from UBS, the online education industry in China is expanding rapidly. The market size has been estimated to be over 700 billion Chinese Yuan by the year 2025, with an annual growth rate of 13.1%. However, the topsy-turvy status quo of the Children’s online English education sector still needs prompt resolution. The major problems include lack of supervision over the qualifications of foreign teachers, lack of interaction between teachers and students, and lack of connection between online course materials and daily life in native English-speaking countries. To solve these problems, CAN4U Kindergarten education program will undertake the responsibility to improve the Children’s online education quality.

On January 8th 2020, the founder and CEO of Bizfield Angel Network, Ms. Lillian Liu, who is also an investment LP of VANTEC Angel Network, was invited to attend the monthly investment meeting of VANTEC, where she introduced the CAN4U program to dozens of North American investment agency representatives. The roadshow of CAN4U Kindergarten was a great success.

CAN4U is an innovative education institution based in Canada. It takes advantage of the world-class education resources in Canada by introducing its native English teachers and course materials to mainland China. The headquarter of CAN4U is located in Vancouver, Canada, and it also has a subsidiary office in Beijing, China. The successful roadshow at VANTEC has made CAN4U a favorable investment option for many North American investors, which will in turn enhance its resource placement and business cooperation between China and Canada.

Please also note that CAN4U has already received million-level seed-round investment before its roadshow at VANTEC. One of the seed-round leading investment agencies is BIZFIELD Angel Network.

The latest policy set by the Chinese Ministry of Education stated that daycare and kindergarten should not adopt any course materials of the primary-school level. Thus the demand for high-quality oversea education materials as substitutes is rising tremendously. By now, CAN4U Kindergarten has already signed cooperative agreements with several Chinese education institutions. In the future, CAN4U will have intensive cooperation with its Chinese counterparts to introduce native English-speaking teachers and course materials to China, develop and implement key technologies and establish online interactive system.

The research and development group of CAN4U is currently working on the first batch of self-developed core course materials, which are aligned with the syllabuses of both China and Canada.

In 2020, CAN4U will conduct in-depth research in the AI Education technology to develop an intelligent matching learning system. CAN4U will also recruit 100% holders of Canadian teaching certificate to introduce original Canadian English teaching style to the general Chinese students through online classes.

About CAN4U:

CAN4U Kindergarten Education Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. It is dedicated to the English education industry for 3-6 year-old children. Adopting the B2B model, it connects Canadian advanced education resources with Chinese students and provides world-class learning experience. It is a one-stop service provider to Chinese early-childhood private education institutions.

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