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Be With North American Investor: North America Innovation Angel Investment Study Tour

On March 12, 2018,“China-Canada Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Angel Investment Connect Summit” are organized by Bizfield Angel Network, US Global Angel Capital Association (GACA), C2CAN China-Canada Business Acceleration Network and Canada VANTEC Angel Network; supported by National Angel Capital Organization(NACO). This summit brings a feast of investment knowledge and wisdom to the members of the study tour.

Ms. Jing Liu, CEO of Bizfield Angel Network, the organizer of the summit, gave a welcome speech to all members of the study tour.

Ms. Liu was hoping that all the investment and financing cooperation will achieve fruitful results and wished this summit success.

(Ms. Jing Liu, CEO of BIZFIELD Angel Network gave a speech)

(Ms. Jing Liu, CEO of Bizfield Angel Network gave a speech)

Mr. Pieter Dorsman, Director of the NACO Academy of Canada and E-FUND Angel Fund, gave the workshop of“How to Successfully Do Angel Investment” to Chinese and Canadian investors. The workshop focuses on key elements of the transaction process, screening, construction, monitoring and exit of Angel Investment. Mr. Dorsman is discussed interactively with the investors present.

(Ms. Wang Xiaofang, CEO of China Entrepreneur League was talking with Mr. Dorsman)

Mr. Mike Volker, who is well-known Canada's 2017 angel investor in the field of angel investment in North America, gave a speech of “How to Make Venture Capital Investment for Entrepreneurial Companies”.

(with Mr. Mike Volker, the Canada's 2017 angel investor)

During this summit, nearly 20 CEOs from Canada's outstanding entrepreneurial projects, were bringing their new projects of clean energy, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and health care by the roadshow.

Part of North American Innovation Project in this Summit:





Yellow Images

Grodoor Technologies




Fraser River











On March 13, 2018, more than 30 investors and entrepreneurs attended the “China-Canada Chinese Entrepreneurs Symposium”.

Ms. Zu Lirong, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver; Ms. Yu Haiying, Counsellor for scientific and technological affairs of the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver; Mr. Wang Baijin, City of Burnaby’s Councillor, were invited to attend this symposium. They all made a speech.

(Mr. Wang Baijin, City of Burnaby’s Councillor introduced the business of Burnaby)

(conversation between Chinese entrepreneurs and Canadian entrepreneurs at the symposium)

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