(B.C. Fast Pilot Program 2021) 2021年BC省高科技企业20万加币援助申请指南计划

Guidelines for Firms


A program delivered jointly by NRC IRAP; Innovate BC

加拿大国家研究理事会工业研究援助计划; BC省创新中心联合项目

The need to test and demonstrate new technology operating under real world conditions is a common challenge for small to medium sized companies (SMEs) aiming to commercialize new technologies. A pilot implementation is an essential but often capital-intensive step for companies to progress from prototype stage to commercialization. The B.C. Fast Pilot Program is designed to support SMEs through this important step by helping them measure the value of their solution

within a pilot installation via a contribution to the project. The program is competitive and selections will be made based on the strength of projects and budget availability.





Program Description

The implementation of a pilot installation is a key mechanism SMEs can use to prove the value of an innovative technology to potential customers. The B.C. Fast Pilot Program is for B.C.-based SMEs developing technologies that have passed the prototype stage and now require real-world pilot project validation to demonstrate the value of their innovation to potential customers. Support is available to SMEs to design, build, and operate a pilot plant or small demonstration of their technology in real-world conditions to prove the impact of their product, measure the value of their solution, and encourage customer adoption. The goal of the B.C. Fast Pilot program is to facilitate the sale of an SME’s product or service.



Priority Focus Areas

Priority areas include, but will not be limited to:

  • Pilot initiatives for SMEs or pilot sites located outside of the BC Lower Mainland.

  • Pilot initiatives in the cleantech sector defined as processes, products, or services that reduce negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.

  • Pilot initiatives involving physical installations and equipment, and are capital intensive in nature.

  • Pilot initiatives involving Indigenous communities or organizations.



  • 针对BC省低陆平原地区以外的中小企业试点计划。

  • 针对清洁技术领域的试点计划,其定义为通过提高能效,能源可持续利用性或环境保护活动,来降低对环境的不良影响的产品或服务。

  • 针对资本密集型的设备或设施安装的试点计划。

  • 针对原住民社区或组织的试点计划。

Company Eligibility

The program helps B.C. SMEs who have developed a prototype and are ready to take their technology and demonstrate it at a prospective customer site. An SME needs to contact an IRAP Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) and meet eligibility criteria for NRC IRAP financial support including:

  • Having separate legal status as an incorporated, for-profit SME in Canada with the objective to grow and generate profits.

  • Having less than 500 employees.

  • Operating legally in Canada, and specifically in B.C. for this program.



要联系IRAP工业技术顾问(ITA),并满足下列国家研究理事会工业援助计划(NRC IRAP)的财务标准,包括:

  • 以发展和盈利为目的,以独立法律地位注册的加拿大中小企业。

  • 少于500名员工。

  • 在加拿大和BC省合法经营。

Project Scope & Funding

This program is funded by NRC IRAP and leveraged Innovate BC funding. The exact amount and ratio of funding per project will be determined on a case by case basis. Pilots may receive up to $200,000 in joint funding for a project, depending on available funds. Projects that are at a Technological Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 or higher will be considered. SME’s must be prepared to implement the solution and execute on the majority of the deliverables of their project by March 31, 2022.

Program Timeline:

  • April 12, 2021 - Expression of Interest submission deadline

  • By Mid-May - Successful applicants invited to submit Full Proposal


该项目由国家研究理事会工业援助计划(NRC IRAP)和BC省赞助。每个申请项目所获得的资金将视该项目的具体情况而定,最多可获得$200,000加元。申请项目需达到技术装备7级或以上标准 (即有可在营商环境中展示的原型产品)。中小企业需准备解决方案,并在2022年3月31日之前交付项目成果。


  • 2021年4月12日 – 意向书提交截止日期

  • 5月中旬 – 成功的申请者会受邀递交完整计划书

How to Apply

The application process is three-step:

1. SMES’s without an IRAP ITA must first connect with IRAP to get assigned an ITA. For more information on finding an ITA, visit: https://nrc.canada.ca/en/support-technology-innovation/nrc-irap-advisory-services or contact IRAP Client Engagement Advisors at 1-877-994-4727.

2. SMEs should request an “Expression of interest for B.C. Fast Pilot” form from their local IRAP ITA. It is highly recommended that SMEs work with their ITA to fill out the form to ensure all requirements are met. Completed forms will be reviewed and submitted by the ITA to the B.C. Fast Pilot Joint Review Committee (JRC), which consists of representatives from both IRAP and Innovate BC. Submitted applications will be screened, evaluated, and selected by the JRC for next steps.

3. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full IRAP project proposal. The SME will work with their ITA to develop a full proposal according to standard IRAP practices.



1. 没有工业技术顾问(ITA)的中小企业需先联系工业援助项目(IRAP),由工业援助项目指派一名工业技术顾问。关于工业技术顾问的更多信息,请浏览:https://nrc.canada.ca/en/support-technology-innovation/nrc-irap-advisory-services 或拨打工业援助项目紧急热线:1-877-994-4727。

2. 中小企业应首先从工业技术顾问处领取“BC省快速试点项目意向书”。建议企业与技术顾问一起填写意向书并提交给由工业援助项目和BC省创新中心顾问们组成的BC省快速试点项目联合审查委员会(JRC)。联合审查委员会会审核评估申请。

3. 成功的申请人将受邀提交完整的工业援助项目(IRAP)计划书。中小企业将于工业技术顾问一道制定符合


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